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This, the portal site, is used for application staging by Creative Realms. If you are just browsing then there is probably nothing here for you. For those directed here follow the instructions you have already been provided and please take the time to provide feedback through the provided application. Be aware that any staging activity is time limited and should you be too tardy then you 'll miss on the opportunity to contribute.

Finally to all of you who have and will contribute, our thanks!
Flint 2.0
Flint 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the mud engine use by
Lands of Stone.

There is currently no open testing in this development tree.

Fade is a persistent first person MMO attempting to create a fantasy based sandbox world.

This is still pre-alpha and has many milestones to achieve before any open testing.

Set Trader
A web application to allow players of games like Diablo II or Sacred II to keep track of their in game item collections and to provide a market place for them to trade items with each other. Strictly barter to not fall foul of any ToS or EULA

The last round of testing has closed for now. We'll announce when the next phase of testing occurs via the usual channels.

This is a utility designed to act as a global keybind under Linux for X Window apps. The aim is to be able to capture raw input events and translate them to actions to specific windows.

This is currently alpha but is close to beta status and a new release candidate is being reviewed.